Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Defrosting The Freezer, Man Style
This is my man Andrew, one day after grocery shopping he attempted to put away the frozen foods only to find the freezer resembled a scene out of Narnia. I walked into the kitchen to find him stabbing large chunks of ice with my best kitchen knife. After swapping the knife for and older one and suggesting he also use a rolling pin he was eagerly chipping away like a happy craftsman. It may have been unconventional but it worked. Gotta love a guy for thinking outside the square.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Welcome everyone to Little Boo. Unlike my food blog http://jemjemsfood.blogspot.com/ this blog isn't restricted to cooking and food. Although I thoroughly enjoy writing recipes and all things food related I felt like I wanted to write about other subjects so this blog is my place to do so. This blog will simply document random thoughts, events, loves and dislikes in my little life.
Why the name Little Boo? Well my man Andrew nick-named me Boo four years ago and little refers to my height. Anyway I'm looking forward to creating something fun and I hope you'll enjoy reading it.
Much Love Boo.