Monday, February 28, 2011

a bite to eat
Wednesday was my friend Christians birthday. We celebrated at a cafe called a bite to eat.It was such a great little place, the room was brimming with old mismatched vintage furniture, heavy old cutlery, clusters of different sized glasses and many more quirky features which gave the whole place a relaxed ambience. If Typo was a cafe this is what it would look like. It was pizza night so we each ordered oddly named pizza's from the menu then sat back chatting. My pizza was called 'Once'. It had marinated lamb, cheese, potato, tomato sauce base, topped with yogurt. It needed a little salt and I wish they had cut it before it landed at the table because we all had to spend a bit of time cutting away at our pizzas. But the lamb was tender and the crust was nice and thin. Every body tucked in and  loved their pizzas. Next we sang Happy Birthday then dived into a rich caramel mud cake. The rest of the night was spent drinking tea, chatting and laughing. We were in stitches when Christian brought out his much loved Beatles cake from last years birthday. Apart from a few webs and baby daddy long leg spiders it looked perfect. All in all a great night out with good friends, good food in a lovely cafe. 


 My pizza

                                        Christian's Eggplant, aioli, sweet chilli and chicken pizza.

                                                                    Jess's vegetable pizza ewwww

Thick chips with aioli